Little Baddow Cricket Club Saturday 2nd XI squad

Saturday 2nd XI
Glenn Sharman Member profile

Captain : Glenn Sharman

A calm & placid captain, who is respectful of every decision, even when hit outside the line.
Not particularly competitive and normally found followed by a large entourage of colts!
Still young at heart but old in body!
Dave Bowles Member profile

Vice Captain : Dave Bowles

The “Boom Boom” – is back (as long as they bowl on his front foot!)Hard hitting Beast of a man!You can hear the call of a Boom Boom from anywhere on the ground,

It goes like this – NO – GET BACKSorry! Then the Clatter of bails at the other end!

Another partner bites the dust!

Malcolm Bucknell Member profile Malcolm Bucknell

A combination of Chess Master, belligerent batsman & eighties style cop!?WARNING! - Does not look good when wet!

Shiv Dhanalakota Member profile Shiv Dhanalakota
Wicket keeping batsmen who can bowl
Harry Dodd Member profile Harry Dodd
Sunday XI captain bowling Gas-Medium/Fast Bowler.
Columbus  Everett Member profile - no photo available Columbus Everett
Right hand bat and right arm fast bowler (for a colt!)
Chris Harmer Member profile Chris Harmer
The Quiet Assassin! A deceptively quick bowler with a hard hitting approach to the willow!
Usman Khalid Member profile - no photo available Usman Khalid
All rounder. 
Oscar Sawyer Member profile Oscar Sawyer
Don’t be fooled by the Pretty boy looks – a real demon bowler who can slog to Cow with the best of them!
John Sharman Member profile John Sharman
Excellent young Keeper/ Batsman
Normally found diving around the floor, trying to stop wides, on any given Saturday in the two’s!!
Be warned - foul temper - Swears worse than his Dad, when given out off an inside edge LBW!!!
Keith Welch Member profile Keith Welch
Keith is definitely a player you would play money to watch! Immaculate timer of the ball and truly graceful.
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