Little Baddow Cricket Club News story

Message from the league

23 May 2020

T Rippon League – Update to Clubs – May 2020


Following a recent meeting of all Leagues within Essex the Committee have discussed and propose the plans detailed below.


Social Distancing

There are going to be obvious concerns around ball handling, teas, changing rooms and pavilion areas. We await Government guidelines as to how this will be handled and will take this into consideration when planning any start time for the season.


League options: -

We are planning to give all clubs between 2 – 5 weeks’ notice of intent to play, dependent on Government advice (minimum 2 weeks)

Option 1) If cricket can commence on 4th July 2020
If it will be possible to start a half season on 4th July when we reach our halfway point and fixtures are reversed then we will play under league conditions. This would mean each team in the current divisions play each other just once and fixtures are picked up from that date.

All fixtures must be played on Saturday and the decision has been made that we will not extend the end date to accommodate other sports that share grounds

There are no promotions or relegations as agreed across all leagues in Essex – therefore T-Rippon will not have any Presentation Evening or Awards for the 2020 Season.


Option 2) If cricket commences after 4th July
If we cannot commence play on 4th July it would leave insufficient time to complete a half season. We propose that the league is then void and any fixtures played are friendlies, decided between clubs (the fixture list can be used but only on agreement between individual clubs and teams)

All Fixtures, Divisions and Disciplinary action will be carried forward to 2021 Season. Any team withdrawing or applying will be dealt with on a case by case scenario

Club Finances

There are emergency grants and/or loans available to clubs to cover the normal financial outlay for maintaining the club. You can refer to the ECB or Sport England websites for details which have been sent out to Secretaries as we receive information.

In addition, if your club has local rates or business rates, then contact your local council as the government have made funds available to local councils for rate relief during this crisis.

If your club is having financially difficulties that are not supported above, then please contact us and we will discuss individual situations and support that we may be able to give you.

Penalties: All leagues have agreed that clubs will not face financial or points penalties for failing to fulfill fixtures, pulling out of divisions or other such offences that are due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic



Match Balls
Match Balls have not been charged for this season and are currently in storage. If the season gets underway on 4th July then we will look to charge and supply match balls for the 9 games that are played. If the League is void then we will hold all balls over to 2021 Season.


There will be no handbooks or result cards printed this year. All information will be made available on the website only.


On going
The Committee, as always, are working hard on the behalf of all clubs in the League. We will keep you updated with any changes to this outline as decisions are made and hope that these extenuating circumstances see you all remain safe and healthy.



We would like all clubs to discuss and notify us of their preparedness to start the season, any particular issues they may be facing or concerns they may have.